Prize Information
Who funds The Collaboration Prize?
Why was The Collaboration Prize developed?
How is collaboration defined?
When will the Prize be awarded?
What is the monetary award and how can it be used?
What role does the AIM Alliance play?
Eligibility and Selection Criteria
Who is eligible to be nominated?
What are the selection criteria?
What indicators will be used to assess the extent to which the collaboration has a permanent structure?
Do organizations that competed solely for funding before becoming collaborators meet The Collaboration Prize requirement regarding competitors who chose to collaborate?
Nomination and Selection Process
When do nominations open and close for the 2008-2009 Prize?
Who can submit a nomination?
Can a person nominate more than one collaboration?
How do I submit a nomination?
Must nominations be in English?
Do all questions have to be answered and required materials submitted at the time of nomination?

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Should nominators let the collaboration know that it is being nominated?
Will nominees know who nominated them?
Who makes the final selection of the Prize winner?
What will be required of semi-finalists and finalists?
Is it possible to check the status of an application?