Prize Criteria, Eligibility and Selection Process

Applications for the 2011 Prize close on July 16, 2010. Applications may be submitted by any individual familiar with the collaboration, including an employee of any entity involved in the collaboration.
Apply now for the 2011 Collaboration Prize.

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To be eligible for the 2011 Collaboration Prize:
The collaboration must have been formed between/among two or more nonprofit organizations (a government entity may be a member of the collaboration);
Parties to the collaboration must have executed a written formal agreement that is enduring and that addresses the management and operation of the collaboration;
Through that agreement, parties to the collaboration must either assign responsibility for program or administrative decision making and authority;
The collaboration must have been in operation for at least 18 months, as evidenced by both the date on which the agreement governing the collaboration was signed and the period over which activities have been conducted by the collaboration; and
The parties to the collaboration must be located in the United States, and the majority of the activities of the collaboration must be located in the United States.
All collaborations nominated for the 2009 Collaboration Prize, with the exception of the eight finalists, are eligible to apply for the 2011 Prize.

Each collaboration will be judged on the extent to which the collaboration exceeds the performance of its individual partners in the following areas:
demonstrates improved effectiveness in achieving social good,
more effectively uses human and financial resources,
represents an innovative response to a specific challenge or opportunity, and
exhibits characteristics that would demonstrate that the collaboration is a field/sector/community model.

Selection process
The Collaboration Prize features a multi-layered approach to selecting winners for the 2011 Prize. The process is designed to include input from members of the nonprofit community and expert involvement for choosing the finalists and winner.

All applications will be reviewed for eligibility by Foundation Center, with eligible applications scored by La Piana Consulting. The top 90 scoring applicants will be reviewed and scored by members of the AIM Alliance to identify the top 20, which will be finalized by the Lodestar Foundation and La Piana Consulting. In late fall 2010, a Selection Panel will choose the eight finalists and site visits will be scheduled with all finalists. The 2011 Prize winners will be chosen by the Selection Panel.

The Collaboration Prize winner and finalists will be announced in April 2011.