Collaboration Resources

The Foundation Center has recommended a number of books and recently published articles that are found in its collection.  Many of these resources are also available on-line either through the publisher or popular websites such as Amazon.

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View their entry on Nonprofit Collaboration in the Nonprofit Literature Blog.

There are also organizations that maintain resources related to collaboration on their websites.  A select list of those sites includes:

  • Arizona-Indiana-Michigan (AIM) Alliance, Collaboration Research will post any materials it creates on Nonprofit Collaboration to this website.
  • Fieldstone Alliance has free tools and resources on its website, including a number on collaboration.
  • La Piana Consulting, Strategic Restructuring contains a variety of tools, resources, and case studies on a continuum of collaborative partnerships.
  • The Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Strategic Alliances Project includes a number of case studies highlighting different types of partnerships.