The 2011 Collaboration Prize: Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that there are a number of ways in which the 2011 Prize differs from the 2009 Prize. The eligibility criteria have been expanded and the process changed from a third party nomination to an on-line application process. The winner and all of the finalists for the 2011 Prize will receive cash awards. Many of the applications will also become part of the Nonprofit Collaboration Database so that good models can be shared with others in the sector.

We recommend that you carefully review the eligibility criteria for the 2011 Prize and the answers to these frequently asked questions prior to applying.
Prize Information
What is The Collaboration Prize?
What type of award will be made?
Are there any requirements regarding the use of the Prize awards?

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How is the money divided between organizations in the winning collaboration?
Who funds The Collaboration Prize?
Why was The Collaboration Prize developed?
What is the Nonprofit Collaboration Database?
Eligibility and Selection Criteria
What types of collaborations may apply?
Do we need to have a written formal agreement to be eligible?
Can we apply for the 2011 Prize if we also applied for the 2009 Prize?
Is there a limit to the number of organizations working in a collaborative?
Are community foundations eligible for the Prize?
Nomination and Selection Process
When does the application process open and close for the 2011 Prize?
Who can submit an application?
How do I submit an application?
Can a person submit an application for more than one collaboration?
Must applications be in English?
Who is involved in the selection process?
Who makes the final selection of the Prize winner?
What will be required of semi-finalists and finalists?
Is it possible to check the status of an application?