About the Collaboration Prize

The 2011 Collaboration Prize is a national award presented to nonprofit organizations that collaborate effectively to gain greater impact.

In 2011, the Collaboration Prize will award a total of $250,000 to the collaborations that best exemplify the impact that can result from working together. Each of the eight finalists will receive $12,500 and the winner will receive an additional $150,000.

The Prize is designed to identify and showcase models of collaboration among nonprofit organizations. Recognizing the impact that can be achieved from working together, the Prize shines a spotlight on collaborations among two or more nonprofit organizations that cooperate to demonstrate innovative and effective responses to challenges or opportunities.

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Applications for the 2011 Collaboration Prize open June 1, 2010, and close on July 16, 2010. The 2011 Prize features a streamlined online application. Applications may be submitted by any individual familiar with the collaboration, including an employee of any entity involved in the collaboration. Find details about Prize eligibility, criteria, key dates and selection process.

Our history
The Collaboration Prize was created and is funded by The Lodestar Foundation in collaboration with the Arizona-Indiana-Michigan (AIM) Alliance and leaders in the nonprofit sector. Learn more about our partners.

The Prize was first awarded in 2009. It attracted 644 nominations and yielded powerful models of collaboration in which organizations achieved greater impact and efficiency through working together. Learn more about the 2009 Collaboration Prize Winners and Finalists.

Our impact
In addition to identifying and showcasing exceptional nonprofit collaboration efforts, the Collaboration Prize provides models and best practices for the field through the Nonprofit Collaboration Database, a resource for everyone seeking real-life examples of how nonprofit organizations are working together.

Housed on the Foundation Center’s website, the database contains information on 250 of the collaborations nominated for the 2009 Prize, and will be further expanded to include new collaboration models resulting from the 2011 Prize process, as well as other examples of nonprofits working together. Learn more about the Nonprofit Collaboration Database.