Applying for the Collaboration Prize

Applications received after the deadline will not be eligible for the 2017 Collaboration Prize.

Collaborations between two or more nonprofit organizations are eligible, as are collaborations that involve two or more nonprofits and a community foundation, government entity or public agency. Collaborations involving for profit corporations are not eligible. In addition, a written formal agreement that memorializes the permanent collaboration and addresses the critical elements of the collaboration is required.

Preparing Your Application
Here is a list of materials you will need in order to submit your application.

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An electronic copy (PDF or word document) of the written formal agreement that was implemented when your collaboration was formed and any amendments made since that time.
An electronic copy (PDF or word document) of the IRS determination letter for the organization submitting the application as the primary contact.
Details about the geographic scope and the primary focus area of the collaboration.
Answers to more detailed questions about the formation, operations and management, impact, and challenges of the collaboration.