Technical indicators

When you are in the trading market, it becomes necessary and mandatory for every trader to give attention to a lot of things like the assets he might be offered for trading, the platform he might be trading from and the factors that drive and might impact his trades. Much has been discussed about almost all of these different things except for the factors like the technical indicators which is generally not given enough importance which is, in reality, a very important thing for trading. Now here is a detail about the same for the benefit of the traders.
Technical indicators
Technical indicators are nothing but the ones that determine the price movements in the market. The major things that are traded here are the assets or the stocks which are made available in plenty to the traders belonging to the various trading systems. It is not necessary that all the assets that a system has need to be listed and presented by even another system for there are no rules like that. Each system is at freedom to list the ones that they feel might help their traders in their trading activity. So there cannot be a comparison between the systems based on the assets listed by them.
Now, these assets are always subject to variations and fluctuations and it is mainly the prices where these changes happen constantly. Now the ones that determine these changes are known as the technical indicators. When a trader trading on the bitcoin trader is able to gauge and understand these changes and fluctuations, he would be placed in a better position than the other traders. This is, in fact, a very important information and the number that can determine and impact the result of the trades drastically.
These technical indicators are represented by the trend lines. When the market is on the high and when the assets are in a performing mode, the trend shifts higher up posing a good opportunity to the traders to make investments in one of them. On the other hand, when the market performs badly and when the prices of the assets keep fluctuating, the trend slips down indicating a poor performing market, meaning, a not very suitable situation for investments in the market. These are termed in trading terms as overbought and oversold zones. When the stocks are bought beyond 70-80% it lands a trader up in an overbought zone and vice-versa.